Thesis printing costs

How much does it actually cost to print my thesis? A very understandable and frequently asked question. Printing a thesis, or printing a book at all, is not something many people do on a daily basis. It is therefore not weird that you do not have a good idea of the costs involved.

The price for the printing of your thesis strongly depends on the following specifications:

  • Number of theses to be printed
  • Number of pages, both black and color
  • The edition, hardcover, special covers, etc.
  • Do you do the layout yourself or outsource it?

Because no thesis is the same and the number of copies someone requires varies greatly it makes little sense to assume an average total amount. The best thing you can do is request a few quotations based on your wishes and specifications of your thesis. In this way you can get a good idea of the possibilities and the costs.

In order to determine the number of copies to be printed it is good to ask a few predecessors who have been promoted before you how many theses they had printed and if that number was sufficient or not. It is also always useful to make a list of the number of theses you think you will need. Start with the number of compulsory copies for the reading committee, the library and the Beadle of your university. Add your colleagues, relatives, friends and a small margin to this number and you should come close to the number of copies you will need to have. However if you end up having ordered not enough books than that is no problem. We store the files in our archive for a year so you can order a reprint of your thesis easily.

The number of pages of course is a given. The printing and layouting is our specialty, so if you have any questions about this before requesting the quote(s) than we are more than happy to discuss it with you!

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