Thesis printing Nijmegen

Every university in the Netherlands has its own rules and procedures regarding doctoral degrees. Some are relevant when it comes to the dissertation printing:

  • The timetable above all; when should the printed dissertation be ready?
  • Title page and general layout requirements.
  • Delivery digital version.
  • Statements yes/no?
  • ISBN yes/no and if so, can it be arranged through the university?

Unfortunately, there are no general rules about the above points and this is interpreted differently by every university, including Radboud University. Here we will discuss the most important points that you should take into account when you have your dissertation printed for your PhD at Radboud University in Nijmegen.

The Doctorate Regulations stipulate that you must submit 10 copies of your dissertation to the secretary of the Doctorate Board, also known as the Beadle, no later than 4 weeks before the defense date. In addition, you must submit a digital version of the dissertation to the central university library. All members of the Doctorate Committee must also receive a printed copy.

Positions are optional. Theses are claims that the PhD student is prepared to defend with scientific arguments. A separate insert with a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve propositions can be added to the dissertation. There are strict requirements attached to the title page. You can find this, including an example, in the extensive PhD regulations which can be found here:

On request, you can receive an allowance for the necessary costs for printing and other practical matters for the promotion. The allowance is paid out by the graduate school staff member designated for that purpose by the dean. (2) The allowance is a maximum of €2200.

It is not mandatory to include an ISBN in the dissertation. However, if you still want this, we can of course arrange this for you.

For more background information, it is best to take a look at the Doctorate Regulations or contact the Board of Doctorate Affairs. It is of course best to contact us for the preparation and printing of your dissertation.