Inside layout

The layout of the inside can be a quite a job, especially if you have no experience with it or do not have the right software available for the job at hand. We can help you create a perfect layout, down to the last detail, from A to Z. By outsourcing it you can save yourself a lot of time and you can rest asured that the layout will be exactly as you want it!

Don't need a total layout? We can also help you with the last small details. Below you will find the 3 outsourcing options we have to offer.

Elements - € 75.00 per element

You have done the entire layout yourself and made a good PDF but you do not get some elements processed correctly. These elements can be:

  • Chapter Tabs
  • Chapter/Title Pages
  • Headers and/or pagenumbers

If you provide us with the final PDF, we can add 1 or more of the above elements as a shell around your PDF. Please note, with this option we can not edit the text and tables .


Based on a number of beautifully designed templates we completely layout the inside. All aspects of are covered:

  • A correct page setup
  • Font and font size
  • Formatting of headings and pagenumbers
  • Inserting a header and/o footer
  • Possibly a chapter tab
  • Layout of title pages
  • Tables
  • References


We make everything completely according to your wishes with a blank canvas as the starting point. All elements as mentioned with the basic option are included here but you enjoy complete freedom in the design.