The paper types

Below you will find a description of our standard paper types. In addition to these we also have other options available in our assortment. If you are looking for something outside the standard paper types than feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Paper types

Paper types
115 grs G-print-FSC (most commonly used):
Slightly off-white, coated paper, slightly glossy. It provides excellent readability and a nice and vivid print of color images due to the lightly glossy coating. This paper is used in approximately 85% of all theses.

90 gr. HVO-FSC:
This is uncoated, matt, bright white paper. It is very similar to paper commonly used in home- and office printers. It is very suitable for text, however, due to the open structure of the paper and it being uncoated, color images will come out slightly less bright and strong.

100 gr. Biotop-FSC:
Uncoated, matt, cream-colored paper with a nice thickness, the well-known paper often used for reading books with a lot of black & white text. It is FSC certified and carries the EU Ecolabel.

100 gr. Recycled – Circle Print-FSC:
This high-quality paper is produced without chlorine and bleachers, is recycled and FSC- and Blauer Engel certified. The shade and structure of the paper clearly shows that it has been recycled. However, because it is lightly coated the images still come out fine.

Standardly we print the cover on 250 grams sulphate cardboard. If you would like to have your thesis printed entirely on recycled paper, we use 300 grams Circle Print.
However, if you have other wishes and would like to have the cover printed on different paper than we are more than happy to look at all the other possibilities together.

Would you rather really see and feel the paper types, then request our information booklet with the paper samples free of charge and without any obligation.

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